Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back from vacation

We went on a trip to the beautiful Pacific Northwest for a month (July). Now I don't know anyone who wouldn't want to live there in the summers-in this house at least. Those cool mornings and evenings..THE GREEN. Now coming from Arizona, you appreciate green and flowers and country roads a LOT more when you are in them..I always come back wondering how I can make my house in the city(desert) a little more country-like. Inside is where that works-so slowly I am trying to convince my hubby to like the vintage and old. Rustic. It's working I think. ;)
(extra large because the beauty. This is in Downtown Snohomish, WA. Love those shops and this view! I was seriously questioning why I live in AZ. Rivers? Not where I live now. But I love it here most of the year, so it's not a big deal..although looking at this photo again...*dream*)

So, a week after we returned home, school began. This past Monday. My daughter loves First Grade. Especially, her desk. "It isn't like Kindergarten where you are at a table". Oh the joys! Let's hope it lasts. 

While in Washington, I visited a few fabric/quilt stores near the southern area of the state. My daughter picked out fabric from Craft Warehouse in Vancouver, WA.

This fabric is by Timeless Treasures Fabrics, LLC
what the label says: timeless treasures fabrics of SoHo, LLC...patt # geo-c9664

Photo from here: to purchase as well.
Another place to purchase is Hawthorne Threads.

Here is the dress I made from the fabric above that is HARD TO FIND. I am guessing not much of it was printed, since it was hard to google even! (orange solid is from Joann's). I put the bow on a pin to have it removable.

The headband I made while she was at school since I didn't get it done in time. (oops).
All I did was braid 3 strands(2 print, 1 orange solid) and then sew it onto a ponytail for stretch. 

She already wanted to wear the dress again now that it is clean because she has a headband to match. I said maybe next week. :)

Thanks to Whimsy Couture Patterns for another great pattern!
(that I purchased, just first time using it).
If interested, the pattern I used was Bodalicious Bow Peasant Dress and is available here.
(it's on sale! 25% off!!)

My quick review: This is my second pattern I've used of Whimsy Couture's and like the first, was VERY easy to follow! Great for beginners. They only thing is that you need to sew with elastic(I haven't besides casings) , although I chose to use shirring for the arms.

Thanks for looking! Have a great day!

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