Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It's been a WHILE!

Wow. I forgot I had a blog. 
Hence the reason that I haven't posted in over a year!
 But I am now going to try and post more often.
(Well, that won't be hard- 2x a year! haha)

Anyways, I will start off by posting a link to my shop 
on Etsy, where you can find a few handmade clothing items for the little babes!

This baby gown is currently unavailable as I am waiting for the rest of my fabric to arrive in the mail, patiently right? To join the vintage motorcycle lineup, there will be bibs, and a few clothes items. Swaddles and hats will  be available as well, but yah. Still waiting on the UPS guy. Stalking? no...

These UNISEX shorts are soo comfy! My little boy has been wearing his for months. And here in Phoenix--yah--still shorts weather!! They wash really well! (But with all my clothes, I recommend to wash inside out and hang dry as they do look nicer A LOT longer!)

These leggings are so soft! The ones I make now are just a tad adjusted, as I don't do the waist to have the tie anymore. So, I should take a new photo I guess.

It's always funny to me how sometimes the same thing sells within a few days of eachother! I sold one of these outfits locally last week and then this weekend, a lovely lady purchased through Etsy, and so that makes this outfit SOLD OUT! I love this fabric. It is soo comfy! I do have other colorways in the material to make this, if someone be interested.

Since I will save a few things for another post, I will sign off now. 

For more pictures of what I am up to, check out LITTLELAPSI on Instagram or Facebook!

Have a good day! 

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